OLLA is a hookah product manufacturer based out of Florence, Italy that has been rapidly growing in the hookah community all over the world.

Their story begins in 2019, when they decided to use their skills and talent and put it into hookah products.

Their products are handmade, hand-painted and each named after something historical.

But enough about their history. Let’s jump into the bowl ADE.

The Ade bowl is a bowl made out of white clay, and hand painted by Olla’s own artist! You also have the option to personalize it, by adding your own name on it. How more unique can it get?

Olla sent us their bowl for review and feedback last year. And we were excited to test it out!

A very attractive, elegant and unique bowl that screams originality !

Before testing the bowl, we looked at feedback and suggestions from around the world, and the one thing that everyone suggested was: It is a good dark leaf bowl.

So for our first test we packed some dark leaf tobacco, foiled it and used an apple on top provost heat management device. The foiling process is relatively easy, since the diameter is small, and can you can easily seal the foil.

The results were as expected. Despite its small capacity (10-12grams), we were able to enjoy a very lengthy session, while properly manipulating the heat.

After a few weeks of testing all types of dark leaf tobacco, and making certain conclusions , we thought to ourselves: Why not smoke blonde leaf only? What if some hookah enthusiasts only smoke blonde leaf tobacco and are holding back from buying this amazing bowl? So for our next test, we packed some performance blonde leaf tobacco (Trifecta) and foiled it just like how we did with dark leaf.

Oh boy. The feeling of discovering the capabilities of the ADE. A full smoke session, in this small capacity bowl, with just blonde leaf! Rich flavor, great heat handling capabilities, and beautiful aesthetics.

So if you ever hesitate to purchase the ADE purely because you think its only for dark leaf, our answer is to not hold back!

And here we are months later, smoking dark, blonde or mix of both, the ADE bowl has not failed us.

Some specification of the bowl are:

Material: Italian White Clay

Bowl Height: 11cm

Diameter: 7cm

Capacity: 10-12 grams

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