Mattpear was the first Russian brand to enter the hookah market. Their quality and unique features have placed them on the top ranks in the hookah industry. 

The newer Mattpear model, and successor to their Simple M is called Ready S. 

It is offered in 3 different packages. 

Option 1 includes just stem and tray 

Option 2 includes stem, tray and hose handle 

Option 3 includes stem, tray, hose handle and a molasses catcher. 

Pricing of 3 options in order is: 199.99$, 219.99$ and 265.99$ on

First impressions: After unboxing and putting together, you can tell that it’s a well-built pipe, with a very superior quality. The heart is super heavy, the threads are nicely machined, and everything screws in beautifully. 

Smoking experience: The Mattpear Ready S is one of the pipes with ‘more’ restriction than certain other pipes. So make sure you like restriction before purchasing one. 

Overall the smoking sessions are very enjoyable while using it. 

Disadvantages: There are a handful of them, so take your time going over this list. 

  1. Silicone hose: It’s way too soft, which sill result in easy bending and blockage of smoke. 
  2. Hose port: The hose port is magnetic, which means it can easily rust and corrode. (Mattpear includes an extra hose port magnet in every box, which we find nice of them, but also ironic. It’s like them telling you that your hose port will eventually go, so here’s an extra one to replace). When purchasing a pipe, you want it to be reliable. So instead of offering an extra part, Mattpear should just FIX the hose port issue. 
  3. Aesthetics: You are paying 200$+ for a pipe with a silver, plain look. Yes, it doesn’t mean it will underperform, but for 200$ you should be getting a hookah that is a bit more ‘presentable’. 

Overall the Mattpear Ready S is a great hookah, with guaranteed quality, but our opinion on the hookah-to-price ratio, it is not worth 200-265$. 

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