Golden Desert Falcon Hookah

Golden Desert is a very well-known company, that has rapidly grown in the US Hookah market. Most of us have tried or own something made by them, such as a genie base, charcoals, bowls, hoses, hookahs etc.

What makes them pretty popular is their affordable prices, and variety of products that they offer.

After trying out and testing some of their pipes, their newly released Falcon Hookah stood out.

The Falcon Hookah is available at for 119.99$ (102$ with discount code HOOKAHGRAM15).

What is in the box?

A complete set. The Stem, GD genie base, a nice silicone hose with a hose handle, a large coal tray, grommets and a bowl. The bowl is not the best but for the price it is offered at, we cannot complain.

First Session and thoughts

The Falcon is our favorite pipe by Golden Desert. The carbon fiber look, the beautiful yet functional purge and the overall design speaks for itself. It has a medium restriction level, with a diffuser that gets the job done. The stem slips right into the base, and the it can easily be taken apart and put back together with no purely machined threads.

Cleaning process is simple, which includes the regular cleaning routine (warm water and brush down the stem, and a nice wipe-down on the carbon fiber sleeve and heart.


Looking at the price and what you get back, we are more than happy to recommend this hookah to any entry-level smoker, or some people that are looking for a pipe on a budget. So if you are wondering, yes there are certain disadvantages of the pipe such as the screw on hose adaptor, the material that the heart is made out of and some more, but for the price, you are getting a great overall hookah that if you take care, it will last you a very long time.

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