Hookah John is a US-based hookah business that has established a good name all over world. Known for his bowls, Hookah John has designed numerous hookah bowls that have been successful and most talked about.

So let’s talk about the Retro Harmony Bowl.

Many of you have heard of the Harmony Bowl that was one of his first production bowls. After years of demand, Hookah John tried to bring back the original Harmony Bowl, by designing a bowl that comes as close to the original as possible; and he called it the Retro Harmony Bowl.

We used this bowl with traditional foil and even threw a Lotus 1+ on it on our second smoke session, and oh boy was it amazing.

The Retro Harmony bowl is worth every penny. Wether you smoke with foil or an HMD, this bowl will handle any heat, and make your smoke session very enjoyable, and long lasting.

So the final questions is, would we recommend this bowl to you?

It is a bigger bowl (18g – 25g of tobacco), so it would make a great bowl for a 2-person smoke session, or a really long single person session.

So yes, we do recommend this bowl if you are in the market for a larger size phunnel bowl.

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