The Alpha X is one, if not the most popular hookah pipe in Russia. 

It’s what we call, the Khalil Mamoon of Russia. 

Very high quality, stainless steel hookah, with a lot of colors and ‘special editions’ available to the hookah community. 

We got our hands on an Alpha X Artist Collection. All elements of the hookah are decorated with patterns created by the famous St. Petersburg artist Pavel Almazov.

Drawings are applied to parts by means of laser engraving. 

Besides its beautiful looks, the X has also a very unique purge system. The smoke rises up the shaft, beats against the saucer, enveloping it, and smoothly dissipates. 

But enough about looks and tricks. Does it smoke good? 

After numerous sessions, the X has lived up to its reputation. 

With a very smooth and full of smoke draw, you will feel the 250$ you paid, exhaled from your mouth and congratulate yourself because this pipe is worth every penny! 

So our final question. Is it worth buying? 

Yes and no. 

There are other hookahs that will smoke as good as the X, minus the looks and cool purge system. But if you’re looking for a cool pipe to show off to your friends, then we say go for it! 

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