Chaos tobacco was established in Germany in 2016. This German brand has earned a great reputation, among the top tobacco companies around the world. Anything from their variety of flavors, to their presentable packaging, had us excited to give this brand a try.

One of the Two flavors that caught our eye is the Mangana Flavor (Pineapple, Mango, Menthol).

The packaging is very presentable with a beautiful orange outlined logo (they always include the flavors mixed on the label). 

Here’s a breakdown of our impressions on it!

Smell: The mango overpowers the smell of the mix, with a slight after-smell of pineapple

Taste: We knew this mix would be great. The tart flavor of mango balances out with the sweetness of pineapple, giving you a balanced , beautiful taste, with a very slight mintiness on the exhale.  

Duration: Fluffly packed and an apple provost, we were able to pull a 2-hour session. 

Buzz: Very small buzz. 

Price: 18.99$ (250g) 3.99$ (50g) on (Hookahgram15 for 15% off)

Overall: The overall impression of the Mangana flavor by Chaos was very good. We consider this brand a great entry-level and also a long-time smoker brand of tobacco. 

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