Shishabucks is a Toronto, Canada-based company, that is reputable for their unique take in the hookah industry.

We were hyped for this. 125$ for a full stainless steel hookah, with a hose and a nice and durable genie base. The hookah came in 2 really nice Boxes (1 for the stem and 1 for the Base).

Beautifully packaged and secured, we were already confident that we got a solid hookah that’s under the 200$ mark. The stem comes in 2 pieces (tray is already attached to the upper stem), with a stainless steel down stem and a PLASTIC diffuser. Some might say that a plastic diffuser sounds cheap, but wait till the end.

The base is super heavy and durable, compared to a golden dessert base. And you can easily insert the stem in it and take it out, which shows the quality of the hookah.

After the easy set up, we packed a nice Hookah John Retro Harmony bowl and gave it a try.

So here’s what 125$ could get you:

  • Hookah Stem
  • Durable Genie base 
  • Stainless steel hose handle and silicone hose
  • A plastic diffuser that actually does a beautiful job, compared to your average metallic diffuser. 

So the final question; Would we recommend this to our readers? 

The answer is yes. If you’re in the market for a cheap yet modern and durable hookah, the Cloud|Stick is worth it. 


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