The Steamulation Pro X is a German style hookah which has easily been considered the “Rolls Royce” of Hookahs. Why is that?

It is simple; This hookah allows the user to have full control of it, which can lead to the ultimate smoking experience. 

It starts with the adjustable down stem, a swivel design heart, multi-port hose valves with adjustable restriction levels to even get that very quiet rumble on the inhale.

The Steamulation Pro X is in its own class, simply because of the control it gives the user  to maximize personal preferences and settings.

A full list of Pros and Cons can be seen below:


-Great quality Stainless Steel components 

-Easy and Quick Cleanup

-Purge and Smoke even with all 4 valve ports being used.

-360 Degree Swivel Design heart to allow full user control 

-Separate valve ports with adjustable air flow restrictions (from open to restricted)

-Adjustable Down Stem allows the user to make easy adjustments based on preferred water level 

-Sophisticated Locking System for quick and easy connection of the vase and pipe.


-Being that this is a German Hookah, it has not been made widely available in the US. Parts such as extra hose adapters, hose handles, etc. are very hard to find through US distributors.

-Very Heavy (but it is expected based on the quality) 

Overall, the Steamulation Pro X is a great pipe, but usually recommended for more ‘experienced’ smokers, that are able to explore its settings and unleash its full potential.

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