Mason Shishaware is a very well-known, exclusive and unique US-based brand.

Mostly known for their bowls, they have additional popular hookah accessories such as the well-known Tymber Hose Handles. 

After having multiple suggestions from people in the hookah community, we decided to find a Mason Gravyl bowl and see if it lives up to its reputation. 

Nino ( the owner) is very humble and passionate about the hookah community. After we searched for weeks, he was able to sell us a Joker Gravyl bowl, priced at around 65$ before shipping. 


The Gravyl  is made from high mineral brown stoneware which yields high heat retention.

It looks like an old artifact that you would dig up and age back to the ancient times. 

So a lot of you may ask, is a bowl really worth that money? 

So we will try to give you the best overall picture and answer that question. 

After testing the bowl for weeks, we tried to find the key differences, compared to other top-notch bowls in the market. 

  1. Quality: By just holding the bowl in your hand, you will be able to distinguish the main differences between a Mason bowl and other 20-25$ bowls. It is heavy, with a good grip, and 100% handmade. So the quality is top-notch. 
  2. Bowl capacity: The Gravyl is a great bowl for those of you that have that precious, pricey tobacco and do not want to waste 25 grams on a single session. It can hold 14-17 grans of shisha, which we find very reasonable and useful for daily smoking. 
  3. Pricing: 65$ from Mason website, or 100-120$ from people re-selling them. 
  4. Smoke sessions:  We were able to pull An hour and a half to an hour and 45 minute sessions, with a round of coals and an apple provost on top. So yes, you will get the best smoke, without wasting any uncooked tobacco. 
  5. Cleaning: Fairly easy to clean, a good warm water cleaning session, and a good wipe, will make the bowl look new after each session.

So to answer your final question; Is a hookah bowl really worth 75-100$ ? 

Our answer is this: If you are a true hookah enthusiast, you should definitely own one. 

It is a very aesthetically beautiful bowl, that will bring the best potential out of every smoke session. 

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