A newly released flavor by Trifecta is the Raspberry Lemon Roll. A very highly anticipated flavor, since it brings that fruit and dessert combo in one. 

Here’s our thought on it! 

Smell – It will smell like straight up raspberry with a very light scent of lemon roll.

Taste – The raspberry overpowers the whole flavor. You will barely taste the lemon on the exhale, but the balance between them makes it a very smooth, sweet flavor.

Duration – Can be smoked for an hour and a half plus, with the right bowl and HMD combo. 

Buzz – Average buzz. 

Clouds – Above average. Very dense thick clouds. 

Price – $17.99  for 250g on 5starhookah.

Overall – We find this flavor an amazing go-to mixer. Wether it’s with a fruity, or any other dessert or minty flavors. 

Would we recommend this flavor?  

We recommend this flavor, wether you like mixing or smoking it straight up. 

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