Koress Hookah is one of the Russian Hookahs that stands out for its unique design, and feature. It has an adjustable diffuser, controlled by a pin on the upper stem. 

This will let you control the setting, from maximum restriction ( Pin all the way up), to wide open draw (Pin all the way down), or somewhere in between that fits your preference. 

We highly recommend this pipe for any entry-level hookah smokers, since it’s a way to explore your favorite hookah style. 

Let’s simplify and break it all down for you. 

-Model: Koress K2

-Price: 219.99$ ( Plus 15% off with Hookahgram15 code at 5StarHookah.com)

-Material: Stainless steel, with a beautiful glossy finish on the stem and hose handle, and a Magnetic Hose Adapter. 

-Cleaning: Just like an average hookah, run hot water through it, and dry after each use. Then routine clean with a brush. 

-Color Options: A lot of colors to choose from, anywhere from a bright Scarlet Red, to an Outer Space Black. 

Overall, we were very happy with this pipe. It brings everything we looked for, from the aesthetics and function, as well as the durability and convenience. 

The Koress K2 is a a great pipe, for either entry-level or experienced hookah smokers that want a good, reliable and unique hookah. 

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