Mexanika Hookah (Not Mexicana), is a Russian Pipe, that has made its way to the US market, and has gained a great reputation for its unique design and features.

This 20-inch hookah stands out amongst some other Russian Hookahs for its specific design, and is considered one of the top-performers.

So we got our Mexanika Hookah in from a (HOOKAHGRAM15 for 15% off), and we had it delivered in just 3 days.

The box is very minimalistic and small. Opening the box it will feel like you have a project to build, with all different pieces to put together.

After a good 10 minutes, we put it together, threw it on a base and packed a bowl.

Here’s our thoughts on the Mexanika Hookah:


  • Great Quality Hookah
  • Very affordable ( Starts at 170$)
  • Very light, considering its all stainless steel
  • Very open draw ( if you prefer it that way)


  • Not many color options, just a handful of designs
  • Can be challenging trying to clean each component of the hookah

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