Another popular flavor by Trifecta is the Bona Fide. Trifecta describes this flavor as “Banana blended with cinnamon spice and subtle notes of clove”

Smell – The smell seemed very sweet, almost like those hard candy bananas you can find in Wonka candy.

Taste – I think that the taste matched the smell but with a little hint of cinnamon spice and maybe even some clove in it. 

Duration – I smoked this bowl for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and even at the end of my session I could still taste some of it so the duration is pretty good.

Buzz – Average buzz. Can be a little stronger for those who are just starting.

Clouds – Above average. Very dense thick clouds. 

Price – $17.99  for 250g on 5starhookah.

Overall – I think this is a perfect dessert flavor. I experimented a little and mixed it with Haze Ohh-Chata and some Trifecta Peppermint Shake and it was amazing. 

Would we recommend this flavor?  

We 100% recommend this flavor. Trifecta has not disappointed us yet. 

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