Trifecta has been becoming very popular in the Hookah Market, with a handful of flavors that stand out; such as Peppermint Shake, Twice the Ice, TNT etc.

But let’s talk about a new flavor called Iced Orange mint.

We opened our first box of Iced Orange Mint, and the memories of Al Fakher Orange mint came back. But the taste was not the same.

So what made this any different than the Al Fakher Orange mint?

First of all if you do not like orange flavor tobacco, we still suggest to try this Trifecta flavor.

After packing our first bowl, the orange smell was intense. But the flavor hit different. While you inhale you will feel a very light citrusy hint of orange, followed by an overpowering minty scent. So in other words, the mint will overpower the orange, which will make the session more enjoyable, and long lasting.

So for the final question: Do we recconmend this flavor to you?

We say that even if you are not a citrusy type of person, give Iced Orange Mint a try and you will not be disappointed !

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