A newly released flavor by Fumari caught our eyes once they announced it.

FUMARI was founded in 1997, and quickly became one of the most popular hookah tobacco companies all over the world.

While their White Gummy Bear has been our #1 choice from Fumari, we gave the Mochaccino a try.

Known for their beautiful packaging and bright colors, Fumari has been spicing up their flavor selections, with seasonal tobacco flavors.

So let’s talk about Mochaccino.

We packed a Fumari Rook by Alpaca, and threw a Lotus 1+ on it, and the smoke session was very long and tasteful.

If you are a coffee lover, this flavor would be just the right one for you.

What does it taste like? Fumari’s description of Mochaccino is spot on; “A bold, roasted coffee flavor with notes of rich, creamy cocoa on the exhale.”

So for our final question: Would we recommend the Mochaccino by Fumari to you?

Our answer is yes. Even though you cannot mix it with many flavors, if you are a coffee lover and want that beautiful latte taste, then go for it!

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